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Awesome Work

On this page, you will be able to find some of the work I've done to help my clients improve their social media presence.

Product Launch

Info Freako

Mike Darkages is a novelist, who was looking for help to launch his new book (Info Freako) and his social presence. With only a month of work, branding and an audience connection were established.

Photo of author Mike Darkages, holding his new novel Info Freako while sitting on a bench in the park
Co-owner of Unboxed Market, Michelle Genttner , holding a Unboxed Market branded jar with orange juice inside.

Social Media Management

Unboxed Market

I've been entrusted with the exciting opportunity to spearhead Unboxed Market's social media management. The transformation of their online presence is nothing short of remarkable, making them effortlessly accessible to their target audience wherever they roam.

Event Coverage

Anime North

Capturing every moment so nothing is lost is what I do best, and at Anime North it was no different. From stories, posts, highlights, and reels, to event growth and audience reach all of it in 3 days.

Cosplayer on the stage at Anime North 2023
Still-shot of one of the movies being shown in the Japanese film festival

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Japanese Cultural Center

Some businesses only need guidance and that was the case with the Japanese Cultural Center. I help them prioritize and create the space they needed in order to keep the best social presence to attract new people.

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