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Treated Silk

is Eternal

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White Silk

The world of Prada is so unique and that excites me! If I were on the team that would market Prada's new Re-Edition bag, what would I do?

White Object
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Prada Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon bag

Market vintage with a twist

Prada brought back their timeless 2005 Re-Nylon bags and we wanted to market them to young-adults. This is a practice project.


The big idea

We wanted Prada to be seen as a relatable brand yet high fashion, bringing the 80s and 90s styles but with a modern twist.

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Magazine Ads.png

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Magazine Ads

With the help of Helen Vanwinkle prada never looked more timeless.

Instagram Ads

In order to find the audience where they are we made sure to create interactive and attention grabing social media ads.


Created billboards that will prepare the consumer for the launch.


Banner Ads

Banner Ads with a pop of colour that will stop the people from scrolling.

All Creative

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