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Why do people think of me as a Creative?

My love for creating has helped me learn more and more about different creative fields that ultimately have made a difference in how I do my job.


Creative Curiosity

I'm self-taught in a lot of creative fields and that is because I am a wonderseeker, always looking for what the world is doing and trying to learn more about it.


Creative Process

How I do my creative work?

All about my strategy and mindset.

Time Management

How do I have time for it all? 

I don't!

How I've learned this?

September 2021

Time Management Fundamentals
Linkedin Learning

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School and Work


As a social media manager who has been studying full-time, I've learned to prioritize and put my energy and time where it needs to be. 

From 2022 to now I've been:

  • Working Part-time.

  • Managing 2 to 3 social media accounts on my own freelancing business.

  • Studying full-time at Centennial College (taking a 3 year program in Marketing and Advertising) with a 4.1 GPA.

  • Managing and staying active on my own social platforms.

All while connecting with the Marketing and Advertising community in Canada. 

  • Volunteering at the CMA Awards.

  • Volunteering at the AI Human Experience Event

  • Participating in OCMC (Ontario College Marketing Competition

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